What do we offer
for angel investors?

(No surprises, just profit)


the best
Immutable history of tracking of team and project right from first steps
            => No surprises "under the hood"

Cash burn/flow control
=> reduce the cash gap risks,  through the mechanism of smart escrow.

Social waste-less
=> No one idea, or  talent will be lost


unlimited (theoretically)
Unlimited, low-risk projects funnel & pipeline
=> Entry into promising projects at an early stage,

Growth of projects total capitalization,  
=> Human capital and  Intellectual property increases,

Full transparency of project’s live
=> No sudden surprises at Friday evening...

=> We attract crowd-investment, that
scale  angels and reduces their risks

Team skills & project  pumping
=> We give to trainers, coaches ability to work with project teams (for share)  to pump their skills, to  skill up level of  projects in marketing, business, techs.