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TV and video production industry

A forecast of revenue for the TV and video industry worldwide will grow from $286.17 billion in 2015 to $324.66 billion in 2020.

Online shopping

Worldwide revenue from the online sale of goods amounted to $1.18 trillion in 2016. There are approximately 311.4 million consumers that are online shopping actively.

Advertising industry

The TV advertising spending is expected to grow from $136.79 billion in 2015 to $233.88 billion in 2019.

Beyond Seen Screen (BSS) is a new digital platform that allows video content viewers to get additional information and entertainment related to the video content they are watching in an easy way, without the hassle of manually searching for that information. 

  • It also allows video content owners and marketing agencies to engage viewers of their (or their client’s) video content in new, yet unused ways and provide them with personalized watching experience. 
  • It allows TV to become a two way street. 
  • It brings a new evolutionary step into the marketing industry - one where the video becomes the next generation billboard with the additional information hidden beyond what is seen on the screen. What Shazam is for audio, that is Beyond Seen Screen for video. Imagine if you could use any existing and future video content as a blank canvas to paint your marketing campaign. A marketing campaign invisible to the naked eye.

How it works? Using BSS web app, you link additional information to the video content and make that additional information layer accessible to content viewers. Content viewers can use the BSS smartphone app to scan the video and the platform recognizes the video and provides viewers with the information prepared for them. Content creators can unleash creativity and come up with new ways to boost their marketing campaigns.

What Shazam is for audio, that is Beyond Seen Screen for video. A new technology that changes the way we interact with video content. Technology that changes the way we watch television.

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