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More than 140 mln people will have to migrate due to climate-related issues by 2050, if the levels of GHG emissions remain the same as we’ve got today. To combat climate change, world economy needs massive investments, and green financial instruments (such as carbon credits, RECs etc) are an efficient solution to draw funds into climate-related projects. DAO IPCI provides an infrastructure for the global climate finance market players, based on Ethereum public blockchain. It is not a concept, but a functioning product that has been working for 2 years now. We actually were the first platform to issue green assets on blockchain in 2016. 1,600 000 carbon credits verified by independent auditors have been issued to date by three companies. 8 use cases in different parts of the world are yet to follow. Smart pre-programmed contracts and distributed ledger solve such climate finance market problems as double counting, the lack of trust, transparency and traceability, oligopoly of intermediaries and the absence of a united and inclusive marketplace. Our platform uses the set of Ethereum smart contracts which allow anyone to launch an environmental program, and it is free and open-source. The users only pay either subscription fees for a tailored set of IT services or transactions fees for the issued carbon credits - much lower than the traditional marketplaces take. Together with our Chilean partner Energy Labs we are launching first ever distributed climate program for remote villages. Thanks to the smart sensors that are connected to DAO IPCI blockchain, the locals will be rewarded for using solar energy. This opens a new unprecedented climate finance stream to rural individuals. Our solution is used as well by impact investment funds a professional market players who want to store environmental data in a most transparent way. DAO IPCI works with international organisations and institutions such as the World Bank, UNFCCC, Green Climate Fund. Currently we are the members of the two most influential green blockchain alliances Climate Chain Coalition and Climate Blockchain institute as well as the Crypto Valley.

Technology geMeasurement and tracking of positive and negative environmental impact from of polluters/climate projects. Issuance, trade and retirement of various environmental assets (Incl. Carbon Credits, Green Bonds, RECs etc.). Democratising access to green investment and assets via online DApp - decentralised application. Building linkages across fragmented carbon markets with MITO - Mitigation Token. Blockchainization of corporate, regional, national and international environmental programs. neral information !



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